EMB-S: Embedded Analytics

TURBOARD as a module embedded in your applications & portals

Auth capabilities of EMB-S mentioned in 2021-02 bulletin see presentation below, or proceed to full spec list:

What's Included In This Module?

To bring power of business intelligence seamlessly to any product, portal or application EMB-S module provides:

  1. Authentication integration

    Without any manual effort all users in your current application can use TURBOARD with their same pass. Or you may prefer to use standard OAUTH2 authentication.
  2. Authorization Integration

    You can configure in TURBOARD group/user based restrictions. As an example you may connect to your HR application database tables and be sure right person is authorized to see the right dashboards with proper data restrictions / obfuscations.
  3. Rebranding Options

    Logo, title, footer in e-mails. All can be white-labelled.

  4. Public/Grouped Access

    You can give public access to show a dashboard on a open webpage or in a portal that's open via login to intranetwork.

Where EMB-S Can Be Used?

  1. Public websites

    You can publish your open data for all visitors through net. Unlike static reports those TURBOARD powered reports will be interactive and provide data driven insights for all with no necessity to login to any system.
  2. Portals

    You can use power of visualizations within your corporational portals. Leverage potential of your data using innovative TURBOARD interfaces in your portals. Improve experience of your intra-customers.
  3. Applications or Any Software Product

    As a software vendor you know the wise decision is to keep your dedication for your main line of business. You may have an CRM, ERP, HR or a niche software product and to outdo your competitors visualization of your data is a key factor. Integrate an analytics module without setting up another dedicated team for implementing custom built short term visuals.

Sample Use Cases

For Embedding

Currently TURBOARD is being employed in other software products with auth integration on 10's of thousands of users. 2 samples for that use case are below

  1. Presidency of Turkey, Presidency of Strategy and Budget: TURBOARD is embedded in the main investments application through which enables users to see the full picture of projects. Project archive goes back to the beginning of 1960s
  2. kariyer.net: All recruiter users of biggest career service of Turkey numbering up to 50K accounts are using TURBOARD as HRCheckup Module within the application.

For Rebranding / Whitelabelling / OEM

Building your own infographics dashboards just to fit current requirements may make sense at first. But that will take time and valuable resources away from your core business and you will see the initial requirement set is just tip of the iceberg. You may realize the urge for a 100% focused team with sole job being business intelligence seamless authentication and authorization integration with enterprise level security and reliability.

TURBOARD is white-labeled under many other software being a major part or whole application. 2 samples are below:

  1. PharmaCircle: TURBOARD whitelabelled under PharmaCircle is facilitating data driven decisions for 79% of big pharma companies
  2. SİNA: TURBOARD is rebranded as SİNA for the Turkish Ministry of Health’s business intelligence and big data platform. Almost all the datasources under MoH are connected to SİNA and platform is available for 200K+ named users.

To reveal striking insights buried in your own data discover